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February 2021 Photos

Testing out a layout for the new tiles on the dais. (Layout and size of tiles later rejected!) (5/2).     

The new air-conditioning unit in the ringing chamber - for warmth in winter and cooling in summer (12/2)

Refitting one of the three refurbished fan heaters from the old heating system (5/2)

 General view of the Nave from the ring chamber (5/2)


 The font, now in its new location close to the front of the Nave. Better visibility for baptisms. (19/2)

 At last, some proper heating behind the High Altar! (19/2)

 The boiler, now operational. The church has been gradually drying out and warming up after the cold spell earlier in February (19/2)

 Sanding the original floorboards in the Nave prior to staining and sealing (23/2)

 The old pulpit in its new location on the north wall (23/2)

 The toilet area, essentially finished  - the lobby (23/2) ...

 ... and the accessible toilet (23/2) ...

 ... and toilet two (23/2) ....

 ... and toilet 3 (23/2)

 The repositioned Braydon monuments (previously in the NW corner of the Nave and now in the St Nicholas chapel on the south wall) (24/2)

 The oak framing for the glazed screen between the Lady Chapel and the Chancel (24/2)

... and the oak framing for the screen between the Lady Chapel and the St Nicholas Chapel (25/2)

 Glass deliveries for these screens and for the Ringing Chamber screen expected in first week of March.

 The dais - the timber work now complete. Carpets to be fixed and tiles laid in the central section in early March (25/2)