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Wednesday Lady Chapel Prayer Group

We meet in the Lady Chapel - What a beautiful setting to hold a conversation with The Almighty!

****Venue may not be in church while weather remains cold. Please contact with Paul Dempsey to check.*****

We use the Bible, letting different scripture passages guide and inspire us as we pray for the needs of our church family, our community and the world.

Is this something you might feel called to do, pray with your brothers and sisters, in His house? Why not come and listen?

Each Wednesday at 5pm for NO LONGER THAN an hour.

We meet in the Lady Chapel on Wednesdays to start at 5.00pm and finish no later than 6.00pm. Newcomers are welcome at anytime.

All are welcome to join us. If you want to know more please contact Paul Dempsey.

Update Oct 2023 - We have just started using the two prayer books: "In a Global Crisis" and "For the Heart", both by Rachel Jones.

Update Dec 2023 - Prayer dates for the start of 2024. 

Date Lead Heart Global Crisis
03-Jan David M P51 That I would be .. A learner P51 For a response ..The health system
10-Jan Paul P55 That I would be .. A teacher P55 For a response ..Key workers
17-Jan Marie P59 That I would be .. An ambassador P59 For a response ..Those who are sick
24-Jan Sandra P63 That I would be .. A friend P63 For my church … Unity
31-Jan Dave N P67 That I would be .. A worker P67 For my church … Growth
07-Feb Jane P71 For growth when I'm .. Doubting P71 For my church … On a Sunday
14-Feb David M P75 For growth when I'm .. Discontent P75 For my church … Church leaders
21-Feb Paul P79 For growth when I'm .. Overwhelmed P79 For my church … Vulnerable people
28-Feb Marie P83 For growth when I'm .. Suffering P83 For Kingdom Growth .. In my community
06-Mar Sandra P87 For growth when I'm .. Celebrating P87 For Kingdom Growth .. Around the world
13-Mar Dave N P91 For growth when I'm .. Getting older P91 For Kingdom Growth .. After the pandemic