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Advent course 2023 - Looking and Longing

**** We completed this absorbing and reflective study in January 2024. The two groups, one on Zoom and one in person, worked well and participants found the material thought-provoking, encouraging and challenging! ****

"Advent is not only God's coming to us, it is our coming to God. When we pray 'Come, Lord, come among us', it is not so much we are asking God to descend from a height as we are opening our lives and hearts to the God who comes" (1)

One of the main aims of this course is "to help us open our blinded eyes and see, to open our ears to God's call and to open our hearts to his love" (1)

 We ran two parallel opportunities for attending the course - one online and one in person over the period from 28 November 2023 to 24 January 2024



(1) These extracts above are from the course book. The back cover of the book also gives more information (below).