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What we plan to do

In 2021 we hope to let a contract to carry out repairs to the the West tower parapet wall and the NW pinnacle. The parapet work will involve partial removal and re-bedding of the capping stones, re-mortaring of open joints and re-bedding of lead flashings. The pinnacle repair will require replacement/repair to decayed masonry, repining, re-fixing lightning conductors plus associated works. We hope that all this work can be carried out from roof level without the need for scaffolding the whole tower. An exterior cage will be created around the parapet to prevent the fall of debris and provide a safe environment for the masons.

As for any repair work on an old building, the full extent of the work needed will not be clear until work starts. In addition, the extent of the repairs is likely to be constrained by available funds - we'd like to do as much as possible during the contract to delay the need for additional work in the future.

The Diocese of Bristol has given there approval for this work to proceed.

UPDATE August 2021

Tenders have now been received and are being assessed. Hopefully work can start in September this year.