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Harvest poems

15 October 2020 15:47

Here are some lovely Harvest poems from classes at St Mary's school.

Year 5 – Harvest poem

 Harvest has arrived on this splendid autumn day; colours fill the trees and shorter are the days.

Ruby red apples thudding to the crunchy leaf covered earth.

 Hazel brown leaves with a tint of orange nestle on the velvety brown sheet.

 Amber pumpkins under the shimmering harvest moonlight.

Lime pods protecting mahogany brown conkers growing on the mighty oak.

 Orange carrots shining like gold.

 Magenta blackberries hiding behind the thorny arms of the bush.

 By Spirit class.


Insight Harvest poem

In the Autumn orchard

I see ripe, red apples row by row.

Perfectly round and a magnificent show

I watch them every day as they grow and grow.

The red, green and brown colours turn my frown upside down.

I can also see green scrumptious, delicious pears

Mouth-watering, juicy plums and even crunchy hazelnuts and walnuts

Oh, how I can’t wait to pick the delightful fruits

We are so grateful for all the fruits in the autumn orchards.

Thank you for our Autumn harvest.