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Knowing Christ and Making Christ Known

We are a Church Family with the mission to proclaim Christ to our neighbourhood through our words and actions.

These short statements help to provide focus and direction for everything we do at St Mary's. They are also closely aligned with the Creating Connections vision of our Diocese of Bristol:

Jesus came with a message and a vision for the world.

The message, the Good News, is that we can all be reconnected with God. The vision is of the Kingdom of God, a world where peace and justice reign and the whole of creation is redeemed and restored. This is God's big idea.

As Christians we not only believe in this big idea; we play a part in making it a reality.

In our churches, when we connect with God, we may then connect others with Him: we share Jesus’ story; we show what it means to follow Him; we become signs of God’s Kingdom in the world.

When we join together to do this across our diocese, we become a life-changing movement that can connect every person and every community with God.

This is our vision for the Diocese of Bristol. It is an audacious vision energised by an all-powerful God. The plans we have - our strategy - challenge us all to play our part.

Will you join us on this life-changing journey?